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Why Does Windows Phone Exist in 2017?

With Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone in 2017 is barely hanging on. Acer Liquid Jade Primo on Amazon: http://austin.tech/acerjade Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 on Amazon: http://austin.tec

2017-08-10 05:01 862,770 YouTube

Why Windows Phone was awesome (CNET Top 5)

Best Phones of 2017 - http://cnet.co/2dPsXup Microsoft is pulling the plug on its mobile version of Windows, but it excelled at a number of things. Subscribe to CNET: http://cnet.co/2heRhep.

2017-10-16 02:26 145,553 YouTube

Microsoft admits Windows Phone is dead (CNET News)

Best Phones of 2017 - http://cnet.co/2dPsXup The head of Microsoft's Windows division says there will be no more new features or hardware for Windows 10 Mobile. Subscribe to CNET: http://cne

2017-10-09 01:25 48,295 YouTube

Windows Phone is Dead: What Happened & What's Next?

Microsoft Mobile Windows Phone: What Happened & What's Next? Do you remember the Pocket PC? GADGET STUFF ▻ http://deals.lockergnome.com/ PODCAST ▻ http://anchor.fm/chrispirillo Click...

2017-10-09 18:01 19,705 YouTube

First Look at CShell on a Windows phone (Exclusive)

This is CShell, Microsoft's new adaptable Windows Shell currently in the works for Windows 10. For more information: Subscribe to our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/windowscentral?

2017-06-05 05:59 378,355 YouTube

Steve Ballmer reveals how he would do Windows Phone differently

Steve Ballmer reveals how he would do Windows Phone differently Official Website at: http://phoneinformationnew.blogspot.com...

2017-04-12 00:29 65,684 Dailymotion

Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 Review Videorama

Tras analizar el Lumia 920 hemos probado el modelo del medio, el 820. Pese a que sus prestaciones son menores y su precio es bastante alto para ser un smartphon...

2013-02-07 08:08 4,233,383 Dailymotion

Nokia Lumia 435 Windows Phone Review (T Mobile) Smartphone

Cam reviews the low-end Microsoft Lumia 435 to see if it really does offer as great an experience as higher end models. It features a 4-inch 233ppi LCD display,...

2016-02-12 01:57 38,679 Dailymotion

Messenger est sur Windows Phone

Messenger est maintenant au coeur de vos contacts...

2011-12-08 00:59 766,291 Dailymotion

Pony Run 3D : Game Review (WP Master) Windows Phone

For users Windows 8.1 see here: Warning: This game may not work on your computer. Tested on my laptop with Windows 8.1 x64 .\r\rHaving her friends always laughi...

2016-02-14 04:03 18,699 Dailymotion