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The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD

Having to prove the existence of God to an atheist is like having to prove the existence of the sun, at noon on a clear day. Yet millions are embracing the ...

2016-10-23 01:59 1,817,957 YouTube

Jessica Jackley: Poverty, money -- and love

http://www.ted.com What do you think of people in poverty? Maybe what Jessica Jackley once did: "they" need "our" help, in the form of a few coins in a jar.

2010-10-18 18:34 136,032 YouTube


Academy Award®-winner Matthew McConaughey lends his voice to this animated comedy from Illumination Entertainment, the creative team behind the ...

2017-03-06 47:55 0 YouTube


International Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai - Europe, Oct 02, 2015 Evening.

2016-06-15 03:26 30,198 YouTube

Little Miss Sunshine

Father Richard (Greg Kinnear) is desperately trying to sell his motivational success program... with no success. Meanwhile, "pro-honesty" mom Sheryl (Toni ...

2014-05-14 42:34 0 YouTube

N.J.C.T.C.,F/S,Cham.1-25-2014,Benedictine Academy,Frosh/Soph-H.J.,Nyla Whyte,(3rd.attempt 3' 10)(ft)

N.J.C.T.C.,F/S,Cham.1-25-2014,Benedictine Academy,Frosh/Soph-H.J.,Nyla Whyte,(3rd.attempt 3' 10)(ft)http://sellshirt.com Visit and get free shirt or hoodie. Cho...

2016-05-06 00:24 1 Dailymotion

GYM MONSTER Sergi Constance 2017 Return


2018-04-08 03:00 126 Dailymotion

The Cluelessness Of Trumps Latest Travel Ban Tweet

Over the weekend in response to the London massacre, U.S. President Donald Trump went on a twitter rant, bashing London's Mayor and taking a moment to appeal to...

2017-06-05 00:38 0 Dailymotion