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Mikhail Baryshnikov

White Nights, Mikhail Baryshnikov & Gregory Hines

White Nights, Mikhail Baryshnikov & Gregory Hines - tap dance. Music: Prove Me Wrong by David Pack.

2011-03-12 02:39 1,402,104 YouTube

Mikhail Baryshnikov in Giselle

Baryshnikov performs Albrechts' variation from act II of Giselle in 1977.

2006-08-13 01:06 1,335,128 YouTube

Mikhail Baryshnikov in White Nights_ So moving dance scene

"White nights" 1985 Mikhail Baryshnikov An incredible and so moving film!!

2012-02-27 02:21 387,694 YouTube

Cynthia Harvey e Mikhail Baryshnikov.flv

Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov (Russian: Михаил Николаевич Барышников) (born January 27, 1948) is a Soviet-born Russian American dancer, choreographer, and actor,.

2012-03-24 03:08 438,191 YouTube

Mikhail Baryshnikov - Competition and Concert Solos from 'La Bayadère' (Moscow 1969)

These are two separate performances of a solo from 'La Bayadere' given by Mikhail Baryshnikov at the Moscow International Ballet Competition in 1969. The first is the competition performance

2013-09-01 03:48 409,214 YouTube

Plase Mikhail Baryshnikov and Ana Laguna

Plase Mikhail Baryshnikov and Ana Laguna choreographer Mats Ek...

2008-06-09 16:39 11,270 Dailymotion

Mikhail Baryshnikov en Buenos Aires- Presenta "Letter to a man"

Mijaíl Nikoláyevich Barýshnikov...

2017-09-09 02:24 2 Dailymotion

Mikhail Baryshnikov

the great misha performing as basil in "don quijote" 1983...

2007-05-10 01:34 3,306 Dailymotion

Latvia Grants Citizenship To Mikhail Baryshnikov

Latvia has granted citizenship to ballet dancer and choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov in honor of the U.S. citizen who was born in the Baltic nation when it was...

2017-04-28 00:54 4 Dailymotion

BEST PDF Misha: The Mikhail Baryshnikov Story Barbara Aria [DOWNLOAD] ONLINE

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2017-02-22 00:16 1 Dailymotion