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2018-06-28 0 Dailymotion

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Lerner are a 4 piece folk/rock band from Cork, Ireland. Having released their debut album in November 2005, they enjoyed a successful 2006 scoring support slots with The Frames, Kila, Delerentos, Mark Geary & Nina Hynes along with sell out shows of their own.

Since 2007, the band have gone through numerous new faces in the group along with spending most of their time locked away in a farmhouse studio in Ballinspittle.

"Calm Road" holds 12 songs with a more edgier rockier & darker feel to its predecessor. The songs vary in emotion, from dark undertones to lively folk rock, its shows the transformation in the band both musically and lyrically from 3 years previous.

Expect new material on the shelf soon!!


Tune in again to Balcony TV cork!!!

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