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50 Things I Hate About Singapore

2015-08-07 7,756 1,166 351,203 YouTube

Im sure many people will be commenting below only because of the title of this video. Most will not even watch to the last part. You should. Anyway, maybe hate is a strong word. But i gotta get your attention right? cuz im an attention whore. he he. anyway. I feel like as we are so caught up in SG50 and all its grandeur, its nice to remember the flaws that we have as a country. Not to point at it to condemn it. But to point it out to see that even after 50 years, we are still moving forward. We aren't a stagnant nation happy with complacency. We progress. And that is what Singapore stands for. So in light of all the 50 things i have mentioned in this video, there are 100s of reasons why i LOVE this country. So dont get me wrong. But then again, who reads the description anyway. If you did, comment so that i know that people do lolzie! HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!! HOLLA AT ME AT MY SOCIALS : Twitter : TheDeeKosh Facebook : TheDeeKosh Instagram : TheDeeKosh Snapchat : dee_kosh Vine : thedeekosh

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